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ViewsForKids Review: Bin Chicken

Bin Chicken

by Kate and Jol Temple.

Illustrated by Ronojoy Gosh

Anyone who's been to the popular Southbank of Brisbane City knows about the long-necked bird named the ibis. Spending a day there is enough to enlighten us as to how such an innocent bird came to be named foully as, 'bin chicken'.

Ibis used to sift muddy creeks for worms and other 'tasties' with their long beak. Now these beaks are perfect for pulling rubbish scraps out of bins for a good feed. Now the term 'bin chicken' is a pop culture reference of our time.

Children's picture book, Bin Chicken, takes this cultural phenomenon to the next level. It is aimed at children of a slightly higher reading level than my book, Smooch Kitten, however, authors employ similar entertaining and engaging rhyming. One of my favourite lines reads:

'Disgusting!', tweets, Sparrow "Rats of the sky" But, Ibis can't hear them with her head in a pie.

The line accompanies a pigeon exclaiming 'HOLY SCRAP!', for a cheeky giggle for kids and parents alike.

Gosh's illustrations are perfectly digitally sculptured. The simple outlines and block-coloured shapes with lightly textured trimmings all suit the upbeat entertainment of the book.

For fun-loving and spontaneous reading, I highly recommend this book. There is no higher moral message cleverly underpinning the book, but what's life without comedy? Loved it.


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Jayde Claudi
Jayde Claudi
06 січ.

I’ve yet to read this one, so happy to hear it’s worth it! I have a pair of “bin chicken” earrings and wore them when I went to Taronga Zoo in September. I lost count of how many staff told me they loved my earrings 🤣🙈

Larz S
Larz S
17 січ.
Коментар для:

You HAVE to show me those earrings! How funny!

It is a very cute book. I‘ll have to buy one for Addie!


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