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TuesReviews: Smart Money Smart Kids

Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze have created a walk-through of pragmatic money advice that parents can follow for kids various maturity levels.

They are both passionate and well-versed speakers. I absolutely love their no holds bar straight-shooting approach in this politically correct era. Often, common sense statement seem to be taboo - but not here. Dave says for instance, be good with money yourself before trying to teach your kids; and also hard work is wealth cornerstone.

The downside? Evangelical Christian perspectives are plentiful, and for an agnostic, this was tedious.

I listen to it on the Brisbane City Council libraries app, but I'm tempted to buy it to do parenting right financially for my son in the future. Definitely a must-read for parents who want to give their kids a better financial education.


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I’ll have to look into this! With my ADHD I often struggle with budgeting correctly and certainly don’t want to pass any bad habits on to my girl!


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