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TuesReviews: How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

By Bill Gates

Published 2022

Gates is not only the co-creator of Microsoft. He is also obsessed with disease eradication and prevention.

This book provides his educated speculation on preparing for, and minimising the impact of, pandemics. The book has guidelines on manufacture and distribution of vaccines, lockdowns and preventing spread, immune systems functioning, and reflects on countries that handled COVID-19 well and how they did so.

It shows scientific method at its best, the Gates Foundation's amazing philanthropy, logic, myth busting, and problem-solving.

Ironically, the momentous part in the book was not about pandemics at all. Instead, it was some historical facts on how global child mortality has decreased from 30% to 5% across a nearly 30 year period from the mid-70s to the late-90s. Therefore, Chapter 8 on closing the health gap between rich and poor countries is essential reading.

Wil Wheaton does the narration well in the audio version by mimicking Gates voice. However, the physical book is more intuitive to follow with its many graphs and photos.



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