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Release the Smooch Kittens!

Smooch Kitten, the first book of mine in the Asido Cats series is available! How exciting!

For those wanting their books posted, you will need to wait until it is available for ordering from InHouse Publishing. They first need to add it to their online catalogue and I will post again when that is available, which should be any day now. However, if you are willing to meet me somewhere close within Brisbane city’s south side, QLD, I can set up a day to give books in people in person.

The price of the book is $22 ($2 of which is GST).

I am also able to order Smooch Kitten mugs if you’re interested, which I will be selling for $25 ($2.27 of which is GST)

If you are keen to buy in person, send me an email with your information to Then we can discuss payment and delivery.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Lauren Sims

Image: An unfortunately blurry Olio with the new Smooch Kitten books!

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Hi there,

Lauren Sims is an artist and author from Brisbane, Australia. She has recently become and author and will be releasing her first book in late 2022.

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