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Psychic Trip to the Mountains

I had an adventure with mum on Friday. We travelled to the Glasshouse Mountains to see a psychic! Having just come around to the idea that this particular psychic had some merit, I booked myself in to ask questions. I wanted to know if I will cope if I have kids, and whether it is possible to contact Mike, my brother who recently committed suicide due to his mental health gradually deteriorating.

For all of my adult life I have had difficulty in believing in psychic readings, and in the reading there was some scientific “knowledge” given that was terribly incorrect. Let me give you the details. She said that 75% of our genes come from our father. This is incorrect because we get 50% from our father and 50% from our mother. Also, upon hearing I have schizophrenia she inquired how many selves I have. She was mistaking schizophrenia for dissociative identity disorder or DID for short (formerly known as multiple personality disorder).

I can see how people get these confused. DID is where you experience being different personalities that are independent of one another. Sufferers may not have memories of being their other self/selves. DID usually occurs after serious trauma has been experienced but it is so rare that some psychologists believe it doesn’t actually exist. With schizophrenia on the other hand, often people who have it hear music, sounds or voices in their head that seem separate to their own thoughts, but they do not have those personalities take over. Also, sufferers don’t always hear voices, but have the other symptoms of the disorder, like delusions, visual hallucinations, lack of pleasure or motivation, etc. (I, myself, haven’t heard voices).

Going back to the psychic, she has made amazing predictions for friends and family but I’m dubious about her predictions for me.

So, I asked myself, did I get what I wanted from this experience? Weirdly, I might have gained more than what I expected. She made me realise that even if there is something supernatural out there, I find great comfort in taking the stance that we can’t know what happens after we die. I hope there is reincarnation of some sort, cos I like life despite its ups and downs, but I can’t be sure. Somehow, regarding Mike, thinking that it’s possible that he could be gone for good makes me feel relieved that at least he isn’t suffering as he was on Earth.

As for having kids, the psychic said I would have problems with medication during pregnancy and other problems like nausea. I am already booked with a professional to discuss those possibilities, of which medication is my primary concern. Honestly, if I need to change my medication during pregnancy, the change will have to make me healthier mentally than I am now because I don’t think I’d be a functional mother if my meds didn’t at least help me as much as they do now. Also, I’ll feel more comfortable hearing advice about this from someone with a medical degree.

All in all, I enjoyed the experience of the psychic and seeing the mountain tavern (has very nice chips!) and buying some quandong (Australian desert peach) marmalade from the visitor centre (haven’t tried it yet though!). The psychic was a very lovely lady and I heard she is also a counsellor and I’m sure with her kindness she would make a good one. I’ll still be keen to hear if she makes some other accurate predictions for family and friends.






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Lauren Sims is an artist and author from Brisbane, Australia. She has recently become and author and will be releasing her first book in late 2022.

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