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Night Life Reflection

This article reflects the relaxation that has taken a couple of years to return after having to quit work, with some unintentional rhyming.

Image: Carrot flower in the night air

As I listen to Cyndi Lauper, I reflect on the night. Hours spent writing draft articles. Then a little TV, podcasts, and music. A trip down memory lane with my family photo album. I’m so lucky to have the freedom to do these things.

The Goo Goo Dolls play next. This moment is enough. These days lately too. Dog-sitting Remy. Bike riding with mum, pushing our limits and having fun. Chats with Mike that delve deep and cover some new ground, as with Dan too. Time with precious people like James, Karlee, Jahmeela and Sarah, just to name a few. I miss hearing Dad’s stories, but what can you do?

Life is peaceful lately. Reliably peaceful.

Like a bird adjusting its wings while settling down for the night after flying.

Guns and Roses. No need to overthink things. Just me, and the cats. Rest. Chillin’. Tranquility.

I guess many people don’t have days like this. “Don’t you know you need some time, on your own?” plays almost knowingly in November Rain. And it will end for me one day, because the one certainty in life seems to be change.

But for now… This.



Hi there,

Lauren Sims is an artist and author from Brisbane, Australia. She has recently become and author and will be releasing her first book in late 2022.

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