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A Stress-Less Technique.

Leave a comment if you need to do this process to get your head straight! I’m curious if many others do it.

Image: Tan Curtis's Challenging Change book cover. It's a great read!

Tan Curtis in her book Challenging Change asserts if you are often thinking or asking, ‘What are we doing today/tomorrow/etc.?’ then you may need support organising your tasks. Thanks to realising I do so, I’ve developed workarounds.

My workaround…

I brainstorm all tasks that need to be done, without considering the overall order. Once complete, I order the first few only. I do the whole process again for the priority #1.

Simplified Example

Overall brainstorm:

· Upload book pages to the self-publishing website

· Convert all photo files for books to CMYK colour

· Update business website domain name and site layout for marketing

I then decide priority i#1 is ‘Convert all photo files for books to CMYK colour’.

Secondary brainstorm:

· Download phone photos

· Search hard drives photos

· Change photo colour in editing software

· Save to a Ready for Publishing folder.

Since new tasks may pop up or disappear, I don’t prioritise all tasks at the outset.

If I don’t do this process, I can feel very overwhelmed, stressed and somewhat bamboozled, so I often would quit. Mentally conceptualising task order is very challenging with my schizophrenia. Now, if I take many breaks and spend an hour brainstorming and prioritising before my tasks, I can persist towards my goals.

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Lauren Sims




Hi there,

Lauren Sims is an artist and author from Brisbane, Australia. She has recently become and author and will be releasing her first book in late 2022.

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